Professional title:Assistant professor

Office No.:+86-010-51683627


2015-2020 Tsinghua University, Department of Chemistry

2011-2015 Beijing Jiaotong University, Department of Chemistry

Professional Experience

My research is interested in developing advanced synthesis approaches of functional nanomaterials and exploring their applications in flexible optoelectronic devices. Currently, I mainly focus on the synthesis and basic understanding of inorganic nanocrystals and carbon materials, toward their applications in high performance, flexible and wearable electronics.

Research Field

Synthesis approaches of nanomaterials (lead-free perovskite, carbon nanomaterials) and exploring their applications in flexible and wearable electronics (optoelectronic devices)


Fabrication and Photoelectric Properties Study on Flexible Photodetectors Based on Lead-Free Perovskite Nanomaterials (2021-2022)

Study on controlled preparation of biomass-based low dimensional carbon materials and its application in flexible devices (2020-2023)

Teaching Courses

Engineering chemistry

Fundamentals of materials engineering


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