ZHANG Xinghua

Professional title:Professor

Office No.:+86-10-51688483


2005/09-2009/06, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Instituted of Chemistry, Ph. D, Polymer Physics theory

2002/09-2005/06, Northeast Normal University, school of physics, Master, Theoretical Physics

1998/09-2002/06, Northeast Normal University, school of physics, Bachelor, Physics

Professional Experience

Our research focuses on the emerging collective behavior in many-body system, including: soft matter system and urban complex system. Establish a big data joint innovation laboratory with Beijing urban planning and Design Institute and act as a consultant; As expert, participated in the formulation and implementation of public transport oriented urban development (TOD) strategy at the urban level funded by the World Bank.

Research Field

1.    Statistical physics

2.    Soft matter

3.    Polymer physics


National Natural Science Foundation of China:

1.    Theoretical study on biogenesis of lipid droplet based on polymer

dynamic mean-field theory,   2022-01-01--2025-12-31

2.    Theoretical study on the responsive behavior of azo polymer films to inhomogeneous light field,     2018-01-01--2021-12-31

3.    Gaussian fluctuation theory of wormlike chain model,    2016-01-01--2019-12-31

4.    Theoretical study on Semiflexible chain system in confined condition,    2014-01-01--2016-12-31

Teaching Courses

College Physics



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Before 2012

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