KE Shen

Professional title:Associate Professor

Office No.:188 0004 2227


1986.09~1992.07 Bachelor of clinical medicine, First Military Medical University

1992.08~1994.07 Resident of the third Department of PLA 264 hospital (Taiyuan)

1994.09~1997.07 Master of health management from the Second Military Medical University

Among them, from February 1995 to July 1997, under the guidance of Professor Wang Qinnan and Professor Ye Xinsheng of the Department of life sciences of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, he engaged in the research on the master's subject in the evaluation and management of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and completed the master's thesis research on the peer review management system of the Department of life sciences of NSFC.

1997.09~2000.07 Doctorate in Microbiology and immunology, Second Military Medical University

Among them, from February 1998 to July 2000, he engaged in doctoral research under the guidance of academician Shen Beifen of Institute of basic medicine, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and completed the doctoral thesis "Analysis of HGV and HCV antigen epitopes by phage random peptide library".

Professional Experience

Ke Shen, male, born in 1968, native place: Yingcheng City, Hubei Province, CPC member

Employer: Institute of life sciences, School of science, Beijing Jiaotong University

Research Field

Research on the targets and mechanism of Cassia seed microcapsules in reducing basic metabolism of the human body; research and development of substitute teas, tea beverages, meal replacement foods, APIs and other products related to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Research on bioengineering products for wound repair, myocardial regeneration, and human-machine interface.


  1. Ministry of Environmental Protection: Research on Biological Monitoring and Emergency Treatment of Cadmium Pollution Damage to Human Health, 2010-06-01--2013-05-31, 3.65 million yuan, chaired
  2. Ministry of Environmental Protection: Monitoring and Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution in the Soil Remediation Demonstration Zone of Baiyin City, 2012-01-01--2014-12-31, 1.5 million yuan, presided over
  3. Ministry of Science and Technology: Bio-monitoring technology for people related to environmental pollutants in typical regions, 2013-01-01--2015-12-313.31 million yuan, presided over
  4. Ministry of Environmental Protection: Screening of Biological Monitoring Indicators in the Heavy Metal Health Risk Assessment System, 2013-01-01--2015-12-31,357 thousand yuan, presided over
  5. Ministry of Science and Technology: Translational Medicine Research of MCAR-T Technology, 2015-01-01--2017-12-311.5 million yuan, presided over
  6. Ministry of Education: A study on the target and mechanism of reducing basal metabolism, 2020-07-01--2013-06-30 , 500,000 yuan, chaired.

Teaching Courses

Pollution and Protection in Life

Eating Less and Preventing Chronic Diseases.