ZHU Yunfeng

Professional title:Professor

Office No.:010-51684352


1982-1986:Anhui Normal University, Biology Department,BS

1990-1996:The Institute of Biotechnology in Chinese Military Medical Sciences. MS,PhD

1998-2002:West Virginia University in USA, Visiting Scholar with Post-Doctor position.

Research Field

My projects mainly focus on two sections:

(1) The investigation on non-coding sequences in tumorigenesis, which concerns epigenetic modification, miRNA, siRNA and lncRNA.

(2) The identification of new tumor markers with tumor tissues, cells and circulating blood. Focusing on circulating blood, we develops some special approaches for DNA methylation detection ,which applied for tumor IVD, evaluation of treatment and prognosis prediction.  


PI Grants:

1. The investigation of tumor regents for in vitro tumor diagnosis, selection of candidate drug and treatment evaluation. National “863” Grant(2011AA02A110) 

2. The investigation of regulation of  retrotransposon in tumor cells. Honor Grant of Excellent Scientist in Beijing Jiaotong University.( S11RC00110).  


3. The evaluation for tumor risk by screening of tumor markers in tumor-predisposition people.  The Venture Grant (08060017)

4. Multicenter coordinated detection with FISH approach for prenatal genetic disease and some tumors in China. China National Hygiene Department Grant (WKJ2007-3-001)


Non-PI Grants

1. The biology surveillance for environment contaminant with Cadmium and emergency treatment一Supporting by National Department of Environment Protection ( ES10I00070. 2010.6-2011.5)

2. The key technologies on preparation and optimization of humanized antibodies. Supporting by National Key Items (S11B500041, 2011.3-2013.12)


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National Innovation Patients:

  1. The kit and oligonucleotides for cfDNA detection in plasma.  No:201310741282.6;(Approved)
  2. The kit and primer set for detecting gene expression of cytosine deaminase and related molecules in cell-free DNA of peripheral blood.No.201510593883.6 (Approved) 
  3. The kit and its oligonucleotide pairs for detecting P53 gene fragments in free DNA from peripheral blood. No.201810536403.6 (Approved)
  4. The kit for detection of cytosine deaminase and related genes in cfDNA and its application.No. 201810536401.7  (Approved)
  5. A quantitative PCR method for identifying differences in DNA epigenetic modification. No. 201810536332.x(Review)

Social Appointments

The Reports in International Conferences

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