XU Qing

Professional title:Associate Professor

Office No.:010-51684351-807


Sep, 2003-July, 2006: Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, China Agricultural University. Major in Animal Breeding and Genetics. Ph.D.

Sep, 2000-July, 2003: Department of Animal Science, The Quartermaster University. Major in Animal Breeding and Genetics. Master of Agriculture.

Sep, 1994-July, 1998: Department of Animal Science, Shanxi Agricultural University. Major in Animal Nutrition. Bachelor of Agriculture.

Professional Experience

Dr. Qing Xu: Associate professor and master tutor in Institute of Biological Science and Bioengineering, Beijing Jiaotong University. Once was as Post-doctoral Researcher in department of Medical School, University of Virginia. My research areas involve in animal genetics, genomics and systems biology, disease in brain disorder, is currently working on various research projects such as“Genetics of temperature stress”so on, has over 40 scientific publications, has been invited to various conferences as invited speakers.

Research Field

Research on animal genetics and the disease in brain disorder such as smoking, ageing, and AD et al.


International Young Scientists by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 31750110459), 2018-2019, Project Leader.

National Natural Science Foundation of China Project (Grant No. 31172191), 2012-2015,

National Natural Science Foundation of China Project (Grant No. 31101711), 2012-2014, Project Leader.

Teaching Courses

Postgraduate courses: Life and Health, Molecular Genetics, Advanced genetics

Undergraduate courses: Genetics, Epigenetics, Majic Gene, Essential Biology, Gene and Genetics


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