LI Zhengyong

Professional title:Professor

Office No.:



Sept. 1993-Jun. 1997, Central South University, BS Degree

Sept. 2005-Dec. 2008, Beijing Jiaotong University, PhD Degree

Jan. 2011-Dec. 2011, University of Cambridge, Visiting Scholar

Professional Experience

Professor and Ph. D. Supervisor, Beijing Jiaotong University

Research Field

Quantum Information, Quantum Communication, and Quantum Manipulation


  1. All-optical proportional-integral-derivative control system and ultrafast coherent self-locking of optical pulse, NSFC
  2. Ultrafast high-coherent tunable optical pulse system and its application to quantum control, NSFC
  3. Fundamental investigation on 40-Gbits/s differential polarization coding for optic fiber communication, NSFC

Teaching Courses

Principle and Application of Quantum Communication (Undergraduate)

Quantum Information and Communication (Graduate)


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