Professional title:Professor

Office No.:010-51684351-804


From September 2006 to now, she has been a lecturer, associate professor, professor, master's supervisor of the school of science of Beijing Jiaotong University and a visiting scholar of Northwestern University of medicine (Chicago, IL) funded by the national foundation for study abroad.

From September 2003 to July 2006, she received a doctor of Science Degree in immunology from the school of basic medicine of Peking Union Medical University

Professional Experience

Professor, graduate supervisor, Institute of life sciences and Bioengineering, School of science, Beijing Jiaotong University. In July 2006, she graduated from Peking Union Medical College with a doctorate; From 2013 to 2014, she was a visiting scholar at Northwestern University, supported by the national study abroad foundation of China. Member of Alzheimer's disease prevention and Control Association, member of the Third Council of Beijing Alzheimer's disease prevention and Control Association, communication editorial board member of Alzheimer's disease and related diseases, associate editor of Journal of Alzheimer's disease (2020), member of Beijing Society for physical and chemical testing and analysis. At present, she is mainly engaged in genetic engineering antibody drugs, Alzheimer's disease (AD) immunotherapy, early diagnosis and molecular mechanism research.

Research Field

Biology: biochemistry and molecular biology. It focuses on the basic and application fields of biological drugs, including genetic engineering antibody drugs, immunotherapy and diagnostic reagents for Alzheimer's disease


Presided over and participated in scientific research projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, Beijing Natural Science Foundation and sub projects of national 863 plan.

Teaching Courses

Undergraduate elective courses in the whole university: human brain program: understanding brain, protecting brain and simulating brain, aspect of life sciences, structural biology and introduction to clinical medicine

Postgraduate courses neurobiology and principles of genetic engineering


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