WANG Lichun

Professional title:Professor

Office No.:51682062-217


I obtained my Phd degree in Department of Statistics at University of Science and Technology of China in 2002.  After that I went to Chinese Academy of Sciences and Belgium Hasselt University for postdoctoral research. I came to Beijing Jiaotong University in June 2005. Also, I visited some universities of Singapore , South Korea, Canada and England in the subsequent years.

Professional Experience

You can call me Spring. Because my birthday is the beginning of the Spring, so my given name is Lichun. My hometown is located in Anhui province, which is close to Yangtze River and nearly 1,200 km far away from Beijing.

Research Field

Bayesian and Empirical Analysis/Regression Theory


Bayesian analysis for the system of seemingly unrelated regressions

Development of machine-learning algorithms

Teaching Courses

Regression Analysis/Bayesian Analysis/Mathematical Statistics


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