XIE Fang

Professional title:Professor

Office No.:010-51685731


Prof. Fang Xie received B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) at Chongqing University, PR China in 1987; received M. Sc. (Optics and Precision Instruments) at the Chongqing University, PR China in 1992; received Ph.D. (Optical Engineering) at the Tsinghua University, PR China in 2002. She worked as a visiting research fellow at the Aston University, UK in 2002–2003. 

Professional Experience

As a professor in the Department of Physics, School of Science, Beijing Jiaotong University, my work includes teaching and researching. Along with the routine research work, I give courses to the undergraduate students. My research work has been focused on optical precision measurement technologies. My research interest lies in the two fields: optical fiber sensors and optical precision measurement. Our optical fiber sensing research is mainly associated with optical fiber multiple wavelengths lasers and their application in sensing, which is needed in industry and aeronautics. And our optical precision measurement research is mainly about high precision and ultra-resolution measurement for continuous surfaces and discontinuous surfaces, which is needed in the precision mechanical field, the micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) and the micro electronics. 

Research Field

Prof. Fang Xie’s research interest includes optic fiber sensors and optical precision measurement and instruments.


Prof. Fang Xie have hosted 2 projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and 3 projects supported by Beijing Natural Science Foundation.

Teaching Courses

Prof. Fang Xie teaches the following two courses to undergraduate students: Optical measurement technology and its application, University physics experiments.


Prof. Fang Xie has authored and co-authored more than eighty research papers published in journals and conferences and almost all of the published papers are SCI or/and EI indexed.