LI Dan

Professional title:Associate Professor

Office No.:86-10-51684322


2006/07- to date, Associate professor, Department of physics, Beijing Jiaotong University

2002/07-2006/07, Lecturer, Department of physics, Beijing Jiaotong University

2000/07-2002/06, Postdoctoral, Department of physics, Fudan University, Shanghai.

1995/09-2000/06, Changchun Institute of optics, fine mechanics and physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PhD.

1991/09-1995/06, Jiamusi University, Bachelor.

Professional Experience

Our research group is engaged in the study of computational condensed matter physics. Students interested in this research field are welcome to join us.

Research Field

My main research field is computational condensed matter physics, involving the theoretical calculation of materials and quantum transport. At present, we mainly study the electronic structures of novel organic-inorganic perovskite materials, clusters, diluted magnetic semiconductor materials and low dimensional (two-dimensional, one-dimensional and zero dimensional) systems; The electron and spin transport of low dimensional materials, nano, molecular and other small-scale systems and new materials are studied. The photoelectric properties and quantum transport properties of the materials are analyzed and predicted by theoretical calculation.


Major research project of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission: Research on the stability of organic / inorganic hybrid high-efficiency perovskite electric field materials and devices, participant.

National Natural Science Foundation of China: The stability of perovskite photovoltaic devices is enhanced by inhibiting the ion migration and diffusion of organic-inorganic perovskite, participant.

National Natural Science Foundation of China: Novel material properties of organic-inorganic halide perovskite: ion behavior and carrier space separation, participant.

University Science and Technology Fund: 3d transition metal magnetic ultra-high halogen research, participant.

University Science and Technology Fund: Research on doping semiconductor nanocrystals and improving doping effect, project leader. 

National Natural Science Foundation of China: two unit stacked panchromatic organic light emitting devices, project leader. 

University Science and Technology Fund: Research on the dynamic mechanism of quantum phase, participant.

National Natural Science Foundation of China: composite structure light emitting diodes integrated with quantum dots and organic materials.            NSFC: rare earth ions as spectral probes for the surface structure of nanocrystals, participant.

Ministry of science and technology: Research on nano optical functional materials doped with rare earth ions, participant.

University Science and Technology Fund: theoretical research on low dimensional semiconductor ultrafast process, project leader.

Teaching Courses

Solid state physics (undergraduate course)

Semiconductor Physics (undergraduate course)

Condensed matter physics (postgraduate course)

Advanced quantum mechanics (postgraduate course)


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