ZHAO Hongmin

Professional title:Associate Professor

Office No.:+86-010-51688483-11


1. September 1999-June 2002  Tianjin University  Ph.D    Major: Material Physics and Chemistry

2.September 1996-June 1999  Hebei Normal University Master of Science    Major: Condensed Matter Physics

3.September 1992-June 1996 Hebei Normal University  Bachelor of Science    Major: Physics

Professional Experience

I obtained a doctorate in material physics and chemistry from Tianjin University in July 2002,. Now I teaches in the Department of physics of the school of science of Beijing Jiaotong University, focusing on "College Physics" and "College Physics Experiment". I am mainly engaged in the first principle calculation of the structure, properties and applications of low dimensional nanostructures and their assembly materials.

Research Field

Atomic Clusters: Equilibrium geometries, electronic structure, magnetism and energetics of neutral and charged clusters, compound clusters and cluster assemblies.

Teaching Courses

Collage Physics; College Physics Experiment.


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2. Hongmin Zhao, Jian Zhou, Puru Jena,Substituent-Stabilized Organic Dianions in the Gas Phase and Their Potential Use as Electrolytes in Lithium-Ion Batteries, Chemphyschem,vol17(17),1-7,2016.

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