JIANG Zhonghao

Professional title:Professor

Office No.:51683333


Ph. D., 1991, Department of  Mathematics, Lanzhou University, China 

M.S., 1987,  Department of  Mathematics, Lanzhou University, China

B.S., 1984,,  Department of  Mathematics, Anhui Normal University, China

Professional Experience

Zhonghao Jiang received the MS. and PhD. degree from Lanzhou University, China, in 1987 and 1991, He is currently a Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Beijing Jiaotong University, China.  He has authored/coauthored over 40 publications. His research interests include algebraic coding theory and algebraic theory of semigroups.

Research Field

Algebraic coding theory,  Algebraic theory of semigroups


(1)  Semigroups and their applications in Languages theory and graph theory, NSFC(No.19301025),1994.1-1996.12

(2)   Inverse semigroups and their applications in C*-algebras, SRF for Rocs,SEM, 2002.

(3)  Semigrous, semigroup varieties and graphs, NSFC(No. 10571077),2006.1-2008.12

Teaching Courses

Advanced Algebra, Basic Algebra, Algebraic coding theory 


1. An answer to a problem of Kelarev and Praeger on the Cayley graph of semigroups,   

      Semigroup Forum , 2004,69(3):  457-461.

2. The structure of 0-bisimple strongly E*-unitary inverse semigroups,  Semigroup Forum, 2003,   67(1): 50-62.

3. The bivarieties of orthodox semigroups generated by generalized Mal'cev products, Semigroup  Forum,  1997, 55(3), 256-266.