FAN Ling

Professional title:Associate Professor

Office No.:(010)51688483-11


2003-2006,Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, School of electronic engineering, Doctor

1994-1997, Beijing Normal University, Analysis and Testing Center, Master

1990-1994, Beijing Normal University,Department of physics, Bachelor

Professional Experience

Ling Fan, Ph.D., associate professor and master supervisor, Department of physics, School of science, Beijing Jiaotong University.

Research Field

Physical electronics, optoelectronic information processing


Theory and technology of antenna supporting efficient radio wave coverage in confined space, 2014-2018

Research on high precision on-line displacement measurement technology based on fiber laser self-mixing interference, 2013-2015

Basic research on deformation mechanism and function realization of organic shape memory materials, 2009-2012

Detection and strengthening technology of heavy haul railway bridge and subgrade -- Research on static and dynamic performance detection, continuous detection, real-time monitoring and condition evaluation technology of Heavy Haul Railway Subgrade, 2009-2010

Clicker answer question software system, 2008-2010

Research on miniaturized broadband RF antenna and RF leaky wave system,2008-2011

Research on Key Technologies of multi-platform Psinsar, 2006-2008

Role of rare earth ions in energy transfer of electron capture optical storage, 2003-2005

Teaching Courses

College Physics,  College Physics Experiment,  Information Optics


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