WU Faen

Professional title:Professor

Office No.:51682062-114


2013.1-2013.11 Department of mathematics, New York University, USA, visiting scholar

2003.4-2004.4 Department of mathematics, McMaster University, Canada, visiting scholar

1991-1994, Institute of Mathematics, the Chinese Academy of Science. Ph.D

1986-1988, Department of mathematics, Sichuan University, Master of science

1980-1984, Department of mathematics, Minzu University of China, Bachelor of science

Professional Experience

I am a professor of the department of mathematics, School of Science, Beijing Jiaotong University. I got my ph.D in 1994 from the Institute of Mathematics, the Chinese Academy of Science. My research interest is differential geometry.

I was supported by a Grant of National Natural Science Foundation of China.

I visited McMaster University, Canada and New York University, USA respectively for one year as a visiting scholar. I have been teaching Calculus in Chinese for about 20 years and in English for more than 10 years. I won a teaching award of Beijing Jiaotong University in 2012.

Research Field

Differential geometry


I once hold a project of National Natural Science Foundation of China

(Grant No.11171016, The variation of a metric and it’s applications)

Teaching Courses

Calculus; Linear Algebra; General Topology; Differential Geometry; Complex Function theory; Operational Research, 


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[2] Faen Wu and XinnuanZhao, Non-existence of quadratic harmonic maps of S^4 into S^5 or S^6,Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society,2013,141(3):1083-1091.

[3] Faen Wu, Xinnuan Zhao, A New Variational Characterization of Compact Conformally Flat 4-Manifolds,Communications in Mathematics, 2012.4.20, 20(2):71-77.